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Toasted Orange Peel Small Batch Simple Syrup 375ml


Why the orange peel? Well what else would you expect from a syrup designed for craft cocktails. The orange peel (aka “twist”) is one of the most popular garnishes in the industry. We toast the orange peels until they reach our desired level of caramelization, then carefully blend them into our proprietary recipe. The end result is a syrup with  a golden amber color and aromas of mandarin oranges.


We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it!


Toasted Orange Peel Simple Syrup has the aromas of sweet and citrus mandarin oranges with sweet and tangy flavors of caramelized orange peel.  This syrup makes an incredible Dreamsicle martini and adds delicious citrus flavor to any old fashioned or Manhattan.  Try pairing it with Toasted Cinnamon Clove for a unique and tasty experience!

Craft your perfect cocktail!

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Weight 1.44 lbs
Dimensions 2.85 × 2.85 × 6.8 in

1-individual, 6-pack


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