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Toasted Small Batch Raspberry Lime 8oz. (SEASONAL ITEM)


It’s just about time to start thinking about warm weather and poolside get togethers!  As margarita season is just around the corner, we knew we wanted to create something that would brighten up your favorite summertime cocktail.  We lightly toast fresh raspberries and tart, delicious limes before blending them together in our newest recipe!  If you are looking to add a little sweet and sour (TOASTED style) to your favorite cocktail this summer, we know you will love it!

We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it!


Toasted Raspberry Lime has the unique flavor of delicious raspberries combined with the tartness and acidity of refreshing lime.  Naturally this one is a great fit for margaritas, but don’t miss the opportunity to try it in a tequila old fashioned with a few dashes of orange bitters.

Craft your perfect cocktail!

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Weight 1.44 lbs
Dimensions 2.85 × 2.85 × 6.8 in

1-individual, 6-pack


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